Milestone Events




ThreadArtists International             1985-1994 

Apprenticeship Teacher's Certificate      1985

Intermediate Teacher's Certificate           1988

Advanced Teacher's Certificate                1992


Two classes per week taught in home studio, ML's Studio 48.

Advanced Workshops taught to Bunka Enthusiasts. 


Bunka With Flair                             1994 to 2016 

Level One Instructor's Certificate              1994

Level Two Instructor's Certificate              1997

Level Three Instructor's Certificate            1997

Level Four Instructor's Certificate              2000


Level of Excellence One                               1996

Level of Excellence Two                               1997

Level of Excellence - Semi- Masters            2003

United Bunka Masters Certificate                2004

          (Highest Level of Stitching and Instructing          99%) 


Workshops Taught to Fellow Instructors:

Teacup Kitty   2003   Gauchos 2004     Prescot  2005  


Pictures Stitched for Bunka With Flair Catalogue:

Santa, Butterflies, Floral Tulips


Stitching Expertise of 45 pictures since 2000.


BunkaCraft has been my supplier since 2016.




B.A. 1972,  B.Ed, 1973 University of Toronto

Curling from 1974 to 2006

Fashions:  Direct Selling from 1994 to 2010

                   Retail Selling from 2011 to 2017