Bunka Embroidery originated in Japan.   It was brought to North America in the late 1970's. The thread used to stitch Bunka Embroidery is a four in the round that can be divided into various pulls to create a wide range of textures.   Stitching is done with a punch needle.   The finished picture looks like an oil painting when it is completed.   On closer observation you can see the fine detail of the various pulls of thread.   To preserve the thread, each picture is framed under glass.


This is my medium!


Bunka Embroirdery is the perfect fit!


Started stitching this artwork in 1981.


Won First Place Ribbon at Bunka Conference in 1984.


Became an instructor in 1985, and continue to teach this beautiful artwork.


Have won many ribbons for excellent stitching.


In 2004 received United Bunka Association Masters Certificate.  This Certificate is for both excellent stitching and instructing.


Taught students in Home Studio from 1985 to 2009.


  I lived my passion of sharing this art by teaching at 3 Scarborough, Ontario Community Centres:  L'Amoreaux, Port Union, Stephen Leacock and the Oshawa Senior Citizens' Centre in Oshawa, Ontario.  As of October 2018, Oshawa is my instructor focus.


Like a snowflake, each person's stitching is unique.  Students start with kits of this art.   Many go on to create their own pictures.


Bunka Embroidery is my medium for capturing life.  Whether expressing the warmth of a puppy by creating the look and the feeling of fur, the mesmerising flame of a candle, the horse's breath in the cold of winter, or fine-tuning a picture with added dimension, the art of Bunka Embroidery expresses the small joys in life the give us great pleasure.


If I can touch people with love and emotion, then my art has made an impact!



Mary Lee Chisholm-Morgan