Completing a project takes more time than planned.  The City Scene is nearly finished.   What to the add to the picture, and still have it balanced is pleasurable and challenging.  One of the neat features that was added to the picture was a man with a pack pack!   Will have pictures to add once the City Scene is to my satisfaction.



One picture of the set is completed.   Both pictures are done in mauves and blues - very effective!  Landscape and City Scene are the themes.   Working with limited colours to create dimension is both challenging and pleasurable!  The completed set is near completion.

November 28th, 2018


Life has so many changes!


After waiting for a very long time, The Birds and the Bee picture is being framed!  Would normally choose a formal frame, I decided to go with a barn board look to emmulate the wooden fence in the picture.   Will pick up the picture sometime next week.



One picture is completed, but still have to complete the mate before I frame the two of them.   Both are smaller than most of the projects that I stitch.

As of April 4th, I came back to Instructing the Japanese Bunka Embroidery.  My students were as glad to see me as I was them!


Their pictures are progressing, and many have been framed.


Although teaching for two days a week is tiring, I will push forward, since I enjoy watching the progress that my students are making!


Life is to be enjoyed and appreciated.


Am spreading the knowledge of this artwork to others, so they too, can appreciate and enjoy life.



In every Bunka Class, there is a least one teacher, who is not the Instructor.   Much as I was planning to be back in the classroom, Instructing the beautiful art of Japanese Bunka Embroidery, in January, due to the events on October 11th, I will have to wait for a while.   In the meantime, do help each other with your pictures.   I will ask for an open Class for all of you.  And as soon as I have some income replacement, I will do my best to find a professional instructor for the interim.  Wishing everyone the best for 2018!

On October 11th, 2017, a car hit me while I was crossing the street on a green light. Due to the injuries, I was in the hospital for a month.   Just came home on November 9th. 


Unable to be at my Bunka Classes, I have encouraged my students to help each other in the open classes that are set up for them during my absence.  My students miss me, as I miss them, but they are helping each other.   Often students need the communication with their collegues to better understand a concept that was a mystery to them.


Aiming to be back in the classrooms in January! 





Just before the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend, my Two Toronto Bunka Embroidery Classes began.   Wonderful to see everyone!  What was so amazing is the progress that my students have made.   Three framed pictures were displayed during one of the Classes.   Framing a picture is the ultimate finish to an art project  that has taken many months to stitch!  Enthusiasts of Bunka Emboidery - Wow!

Once a picture is completed and hanging on the wall, you can see what great determintation can create.   Just hung a picture in one of my student's home, and she is very pleased with the custom framing, as well as how it looks in her livingroom.  She had the determination to stitch her picture in class only.   It took many years to complete the beautiful picture, Winter Mill.