Almost one year since the Blog was posted.   Have completed two pictures in that time-frame. 


Peacocks was a Kit that I always wanted to stitch.  Now it is beautifully framed to enhance the colours in peacocks feathers, and is displayed in the living room.


Northern Lights is an original that was inspired by a Christmas Card.

All was done free hand, and was a joy to watch the colours blend, and have the picture take on a life of its own.  The shades of blue mats and frame sure make the picture stand out!


Do take a look at these pictures in the website.   The framing is very flattering to both works of art.

A lot of events took place from March 2020 to now, October 2020.

Staying home give one time to reflect.  It also gives us time to work on the projects that inspire us with more focus.   From March to June, "Autumn in Japan" was carefully stitched.  Amazing framers, who I used for many years, retired during Covid-19.  Once the picture was complete, new framers were chosen with excellent results.  Do take a look at "Stone Bridge" and "Autumn in Japan".  

The Stone Bridge is progressing.   Working on the Tree Trunks.  Then the leaves and the Bridge will be stitched.

The current picture that is being stitched is called Stone Bridge.

Aim is to have it completed before the end of this year.  This picture has many shades of green.  Some greens as so close in shades and in numbers that some definition in darker greens in 1/4 pull may be need to be added to give more dimension to the beautiful picture.  Taking time to stitch, but know that the end result will be well worth the extra time!

As of July 31st, the Lavender Scenes are framed to enhance both pictures.  Labour of love is totally complete now.   Just take a look at the Shades of Purple listing and be amazed!

Completing a project takes more time than planned.  The City Scene is nearly finished.   What to the add to the picture, and still have it balanced is pleasurable and challenging.  One of the neat features that was added to the picture was a man with a pack pack!   Will have pictures to add once the City Scene is to my satisfaction.



One picture of the set is completed.   Both pictures are done in mauves and blues - very effective!  Landscape and City Scene are the themes.   Working with limited colours to create dimension is both challenging and pleasurable!  The completed set is near completion.

November 28th, 2018


Life has so many changes!


After waiting for a very long time, The Birds and the Bee picture is being framed!  Would normally choose a formal frame, I decided to go with a barn board look to emmulate the wooden fence in the picture.   Will pick up the picture sometime next week.



One picture is completed, but still have to complete the mate before I frame the two of them.   Both are smaller than most of the projects that I stitch.